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2016/12/23 22:00 (Friday) - 2016/12/24 23:00 (Saturday) - Temporary Suspension of IT Services from 23 December 2016 (10 pm) to 24 December 2016 (11 pm)

Due to a major regulatory inspection of all electrical installations at the Centennial Campus, there will be no electricity supply to our data centre located in the Centennial Campus on 24 December 2016. As our data centre can only support the critical machines by temporary power supply during the power suspension period, the following services/facilities will become inaccessible from 23 December 2016 (Friday) 10 pm to 24 December 2016 (Saturday) 11 pm to prepare for the equipment shutdown and service resumption-

1. Office network and wifi network at the Centennial Campus;
2. Some software items at the classroom PCs in the Centennial Campus;
3. Lecture capture service using Panopto and archived Moodle courses (Moodle system will not be affected);
4. Departmental workspace running Microsoft SharePoint (; and
5. High Performance Computing facilities (will be resumed by 1 pm on 27 December 2016)

For enquiries, please contact our Service Desk at or 3917 0123 during office hours; and call our Computer Room at 2859 2496 after office hours.

We apologize for any inconvenience that may cause.

Walter Li
Operations Team
Information Technology Services