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Frequently Asked Questions - uPrint

  1. How to check your print quota?
  2. How to enquire/cancel a print job?
  3. How to print a document in WORD or Microsoft Office applications?
  4. How to print multiple pages on a single sheet?
  5. Where can I purchase additional LASER PRINTING UNITS for using uPrint?
  6. What is the charging scheme for laser printing?
  7. How to print a PDF file?
  8. What is the maximum file size of a document that can be printed?
  9. What should I do if printing problem occurs (e.g. paper jam, toner low or out of paper)?
  10. What page size are being supported?
  11. How to collect my print out when using the uPrint service?
  12. How to check my uPrint transaction records (print/copy/top-up)?
  13. How to purchase printing units for using uPrint service?
  14. How to make photocopy in Learning Commons/the Oval/the Curve?
  15. How to remove the saved password in Windows 10 for uPrint?
  16. How to remove the saved password in Windows 8 for uPrint?
  17. How to remove the saved password in Windows 7 for uPrint?
  18. How to remove the saved password in Macintosh computer for uPrint?
  19. What is minimum no. of printing units required for performing photocopying using uPrint?
  20. I have sufficient no. of printing units in my uPrint account. However, I got the message “Quota exceeded” when retrieving print job from the uPrint printer.
  21. What should I do if I used wrong HKU Portal UID / PIN or without preceding “hkupc2\” before the UID when submitting print job in Mac?
  22. Why the submitted print job is missing (printing from Adobe Reader 10.x on Mac OS X 10.5)?
  23. How to clear error alert on uPrint printers?
  24. How to use uPrint in Learning Commons?
  25. What should I do if I see the message "Copy limit reached. Copy job cannot be completed"?
  26. My Windows 8.1 PC has installed BullGuard anti-virus software and I cannot use uPrint. What can I do?
  27. Printing problem with macOS High Sierra (10.13)