User Guide on Remote Access via HKUVPN (Virtual Private Network)

The HKUVPN (Virtual Private Network) Gateway (called HKUVPN or HKUVPN2) is a channel for accessing the Campus Network when they are outside the University network.   This service is available to current staff, students and departmental account holders supporting a secure connection for them to access the electronic resources such as email, licensed web resources and faculty intranets in the same way as if they are within the University network.  

Note: If your HKU Portal account was created AFTER 5 JUNE 2009, you can immediately use HKUVPN after the configuration. Otherwise, please enable your HKUVPN (and Universities WiFi) account by login HKU Portal => Campus Information Services => Central IT Services => Register to use WiFi service

Configuration Procedures

A unified authentication procedure is applied for accessing the following network services via HKUVPN gateway-  

  • Internet via the HKUVPN gateway
  • Hall Network (HallNet)
  • WiFi network on campus

To configure your computer to connect to the HKUVPN2 gateway, choose the procedure for the operating system of your computer:

After proper configuration, login the HKUVPN gateway using your HKU Portal UID and PIN.


1. The VPN connection will be disconnected automatically after 30 minutes of idle time.

2. Each user could establish two VPN sessions simultaneously. Maximum connection time per session is 4 hours. 

3. Users who want to use legitimate P2P applications over Internet that will not lead to copyright infringement should login the VPN gateway ““. It is the user's responsibility to make sure that any such use does not lead to copyright infringement. It is important to note that copyright infringement constitutes computer abuse and will be handled accordingly, including the suspension of computer accounts and network access. (See Policies & Guidelines.) Copyright infringement will lead to suspension of the abuser's network account for at least 3 months. (For the procedure of setting up a PC for making connection to the VPN gateway "", please refer to the webpage

4. For information about HKUVPN services (generation 1), please refer to HERE