Procedure to access HKU Email via Outlook Express

This section describes the configuration procedure to access HKU Email via Outlook Express (OE).

  1. First create an account in the Outlook Express. In Outlook Express, click Tools -> Accounts.

    Tools - Accounts

  2. In the "Internet Accounts" screen, click Add -> Mail.

    Internet Accounts - Add Mail

  3. Enter your name in the Display name field and click Next.

    Enter Display Name

  4. Enter your E-mail address and click Next.

    Enter Email Address

  5. Select IMAP as the incoming mail server.

enter for your HKUCC mail account 
enter for your HKUCC1 (Exchange Email for Staff) mail account
enter for your GRADUATE mail account

For outgoing mail server, enter on HKU campus network. Otherwise, enter your ISP's smtp server. Please consult your ISP.

NOTE: If you select POP3 mode, all your emails will be downloaded from the email server to your local folders in Outlook Express and you can no longer access your emails via HKU Portal/WebMail. It will be very difficult to move your emails back to the email server.

  1. In the "Internal Mail Logon" screen, enter Account name: your HKU Portal UID and Password: your HKU Portal PIN.
  2. Uncheck the box Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA). Click Next.

    Uncheck Log on SPA

  3. Click Finish to exit "Internet Connection Wizard" and choose Close on the "Internet Accounts" window.

    Internet Connection Wizard - Finish

  4. You will be asked "Would you like to download folders from the mail server you added?". Click Yes.

    Download Folders from mail server

  5. Select the folders to be displayed by clicking the "Show" button on the right. This will download a list of folders from your account.

    Show or Hide IMAP Folder

    When you are done and you should have a working email client that sends and receives emails for you.